Ferienwohnung / Appartement
Rohrerstr. 10, DE-53945, Blankenheim-Lindweiler
Kontakt: Familie Hannelore+ Heinrich Bertram
Tel: (0049) 2440 911122 
Mobil: (0049) 15117463113 
Fax: (0049) 2440 911124

ACCOMMODATION COSTS: 400 Euros (approx. £300)

PETROL COSTS: approx. £200

LENGTH OF STAY: 22 - 28 June 

The pictures are in chronological order.

Tuesday 23rd: Car assisted. Circular route starting from Weilerswist, going through Zulpich and Euskirchen. The area around Zulpich was especially pretty. 30 miles (No pictures)
Wednesday 24th: Car assisted. From Schuld down the Ahr valley to Remagen on the Rhine, following path of old railway. We spent some time in Ahrweiler, which had a very picturesque old town. Lunch was by a fountain. 40 miles (Pictures 1 - 10)
Thursday 25th: Car assisted. Along old railway from Daun in direction of Manderscheidt to see the Maare (volcanic lakes). I did a detour to Steineberg where there was a wooden tower (1911ft) affording excellent views of the surrounding countryside. 40 miles (Pictures 11 - 19)
Friday 26th: From Lindweiler by bike along old Roman road. In Blankenheim I left Sue and Anna to go to Adenau, back to Schuld and retrace the narrow roads back to Ohlendorf and Lommersdorf. Some long, steep climbs rewarded by excellent views. We ate out in "The White Horse" (Zum weißen Roß) in Tondorf. 60 miles No Pictures
Saturday 27th: Car assisted. From Gemund to the Urfttalsperre, where I left Sue and Anna to explore the Hohes Venn via Einruhr, Erkenruhr, Hirschrott and Dreiberg. Quite a lot of climbing but there were 4 kms of descent into Gemund. 40 miles (Pictures 20 - 24)

Total distances travelled by car: 1600 miles.
Total distance travelled by bike: 210 miles